The Unforeseen Consequences of Mysore

For those of you who have been wondering, yes, I finished the mysore training.  It was an amazing experience, and although I only got to Navasana and then picked back up at Urdhva Dhanurasana to prep for the closing sequence (my tight feet got me caught up on Marichyasana B and D for several days), it created a routine and a dedication to yoga practice that I’ve never really owned before.  Sure, yoga has always been a draw for me, and I’ve always dreamed of achieving some of the beautiful postures featured in magazines and websites, but mysore provided a real, steady practice, one that starts where I am and lays out a viable path towards where I want to be.  Physically and mentally, it totally rocked. 

However, there was an unforeseen consequence.  I found myself caught up in the opening and closing prayers, dedicating my practice to a higher purpose (sounds cheesy, but totally true).  I was amazed at the progress my body was making, and thus discovered a new sense of gratitude and wonder at the engineering of nature.  My Savasana was quiet and complete, and I felt content, really and truly content.  Little did I know that this new found contentment would be challenged in the days to come, rocked by events that were largely out of my control. 

In short, life has been incredibly tough lately, and the mysore training inadvertently (or maybe advertently…who knows) gave me the fortitude to see it through and make some significant and positive changes.  Yoga really does have the power to change lives, and those changes can go far beyond the physical if we’re willing to let them.  I am grateful for my teachers, for the ability to practice, and for the boldness to stick out when things got rough.



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