Experimenting with inversions

Okay, we’ve all seen this video at this point, right?

I must admit, that video is the reason I decided to kickstart my inversions practice.  Don’t judge me too harshly.  Yes, it’s sexy and she’s doing yoga in lacy underwear, but there’s also a great deal of beauty and control going on there.  I don’t need to have the lacy underwear, but I would like to harness that kind of control. 

Fueled with a new interest in inversions, I decided to sign up for a workshop that focused on handstand and headstands, with an arm balance or two thrown in for good measure.  The workshop was at a studio I’d heard good things about, but had never visited before.  The space itself was amazing: two large yoga rooms, a meditation center, a massage room, and even a raw/juice bar for refueling after practice.  It’s an amazing yoga setting, and I’m looking forward to getting back there soon.

But back to the inversions.

The workshop completely rocked my world.  There was a large focus on the mula bandha, the “root lock” that is the base of core strength.  I don’t know a lot about the bandhas yet, but I know I was able to achieve modified versions of Tittibhasana and Tolasana where I’d never been able to before.  The mula bandha is deep core strength that goes far beyond six-pack abs, and is vitally important to inversions. 

My favorite inversion right now (since it’s the one I can do without using a wall for support) is Sirsasana II, or Tripod Headstand.  I love this pose.  I get all the paradigm shifting benefits of inversions without having to worry too much about toppling over.  I can also experiment with full headstands while simultaneously having a safe “base” to return to when things get wobbly.  Here’s a link to a pretty good tutorial for Sirsasana II, although I would highly recommend trying to first with an experienced instructor. 

I’m hoping that by the next time I write about inversions, I’ll be rocking a full headstand and a solid mula bandha.

5 thoughts on “Experimenting with inversions

  1. I love that video! Yes, it’s a little strange that she’s in her underwear, but it’s so inspiring. My goal is to one day do an inversion. I don’t have a very strong core right now, or much upper body strenght, so it hasn’t happend yet, but one day, it will! I would have loved a workshop like that. It sounds amazing!

    • Hi and thanks so much for stopping by! The workshop really was amazing. Depending on where you’re located, there are workshops like this happening all the time. We’re a middle-sized area (about 300,000) but we have yoga happenings going on nearly every weekend. Thanks again for visiting!

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