Doing more with less

Perhaps it’s the economy, or maybe it’s backlash from our culture’s over the top materialism, but minimalism has been strangely hip for the past couple of years. Ironically, there is a plethora of websites dedicated to all things minimalist (which again, smells subtly of irony), and there are more minislism blogs than you can shake a stick at. One blog even has a list if the top ten minislist blogs of 2011. Needless to say, minimalism is cool, which makes it decidedly uncool to people who profess to be cool, or to those who were minimalist before the boom.

Now, I cannot rightfully claim to be a minimalist in any sense of the word, but after a month of moving, reorganizing, and downsizing, I see the appeal. It’s the same reason I’m drawn to yoga: when it all comes down to it, you really don’t need special clothes or fancy equipment (although stretchy pants and a mat are definite bonuses). All you need is time, dedication, and a little knowledge of the asanas (or a solid yoga DVD). In my other athletic life, I compete in triathlons, which are all equipment, all the time. Yoga provides a solace of simplicity unavailable in other activities and lifestyles, which leads a girl to wonder how much “stuff” we really need.

Which leads me to the point of this post. I normally don’t do the whole resolution thing, but as we spent the last months of 2011 hauling junk from one house to the next, I think a resolution is in order. So here it goes: for each day of 2012, I am going to throw away or donate one non-trash item. This resolution is not a massive overhaul (I’m not going minimalist overnight or anything) which makes it all the more likely that I will succeed. It’s also an immediately noticeable resolution; each day, something is going out the door, making space for more positive energy in the house. Finally, this resolution just feels right: it feels simple, and freeing, and yogic. While others may be striving for more, I will be striving to be happier with less.

Here’s to a simpler, happier 2012.

5 thoughts on “Doing more with less

  1. So here it goes: for each day of 2012, I am going to throw away or donate one non-trash item.

    That’s an awesome resolution. I may try it myself. (We’re reorganizing the house right now, so I’ve already got January 1 and 2 down.) 😛

    • Hey Tori! So far, so good with the resolution. I think it’s going to be easy at first (we have tons of non-essentials that could easily go out the door), but will eventually become more difficult as I have to make choices about what actually needs to stay. Good luck to you!

      • Yup. Today is the day I start unpacking all of the stuff I’d packed up while we were moving/reorganizing. I have a feeling that my “easy days” of finding items with which to part are numbered — at least until I get around to cleaning out my car! 🙂

  2. Good luck with the purge! As someone who has just undertaken a major upheaval, rejection, disposal, donation and relinquishing of stuff, I can attest that there is something so freeing, so completely light and liberating to downsize-ing. More than likely, somebody else probably needs my stuff more than I do!

    To 2012, a year of lightness of being.

  3. I feel you! I’m unpacking stuff that’s been in storage the last few months while my new place was under construction. Kinda makes you wonder how bad you really need stuff you forgot you had.

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