Confessions from the Mat

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

There really is nothing special about today.

It isn’t some huge benchmark in yogic thought, or the birthday of a famous yoga master. It’s not my birthday, nor is it the start of some spiritual or physical endeavor, à la Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution or Yoga Journal’s 21 Day Challenge. To quote Stevie Wonder, “In fact, here’s just another ordinary day.”

So why start a yoga-centric blog today? Why not wait for some cosmic alignment or significant yogic anniversary? To put it bluntly, today just felt right. I’ve been tossing about the idea of a yoga blog for quite some time now, but without taking any action. I conceived of this blog being a place where I could share thoughts, post my own yogic explorations, ask questions, and become a stronger practitioner, all the while sharing what I’ve learned with the blogosphere at large. And yet, despite all the inspiration and energy I’ve built up thinking about this project, I’ve done nothing. I’ve been a bum.

Well, today all that comes to an end. As English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead wisely said, “Ideas won’t keep; something must be done about them.” It’s time to let my ideas, inspiration, and energy loose before they either start to rot, or they grow into an insurmountable undertaking. Neither is good.

So here’s the deal, folks: I am not an expert on yoga, nor am I a Hindu, a vegetarian, a professional philosopher, or even very bendy, for that matter. But I am passionate about the yogic lifestyle, which (to me) includes practicing asanas and employing yogic philosophy and spirituality in my everyday life. I plan on taking a Taoist approach to this blog, letting it grow and evolve as it will.  If I have a long, complex, or personal thought to share, I’ll share it. If I have a question to pose to the yoga community, I’ll ask it. If I’m feeling especially connected to a certain asana or mantra or piece of art, I’ll express that connection. And if it turns out I’m wrong about something I post, I’ll gladly accept corrections and (hopefully) learn from them. My goal is that what will probably start out as more or less random posts will eventually mature into a personalized and emotional collection of yogic knowledge.

You know that saying about eating an elephant? The thought of this blog has been a massive elephant, lounging about in my mind, taunting me with its enormity. Well, watch out, elephant. I’m ready to take a bite.

7 thoughts on “Confessions from the Mat

  1. Congratulations on embarking! The Universe is bound to surprise you! Thanks for checking out my blog too and feel free to ask any questions or join in the huge community of support the yoga world provides!

  2. Very glad you stumbled upon my blog so that I could stumble upon yours! Being in a very similar boat I am excited by the prospect of sharing ideas and understandings to grow and nurture knowledge and wisdom! YAY!

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